About Keith Fayan

About Keith

  • Keith’s path to practicing law is unique. He joined the United States Marine Corps immediately upon graduating high school. He earned recognition on Parris Island as the boot camp honor graduate and was assigned to serve in Japan. Keith was then selected to become a United States Marine Embassy Guard. He served three tours alongside the U.S. Department of State at embassies in Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Czechoslovakia where he was trusted by American diplomats to keep them safe and protect our nations’ classified material. Keith was honorably discharged as a Sergeant after more than five years on active duty.

    Keith attended Northeastern University earning a bachelor’s degree (with highest honors) and master’s degree (with distinction). The Cumberland Police Department hired Keith to be its principal researcher on a project examining bulling, intimidation and harassment in public school. After this two-year long study concluded, Keith moved to New York to attend Hofstra University School of Law. There, he earned a juris doctorate and was selected by his peers to be the student commencement speaker.

    The lessons Keith learned growing up in Rhode Island instilled an appreciation for hard work and doing the “right thing.” From washing dishes to delivering newspapers, the lessons were the same: work hard, nothing worth having comes easy, and treat everyone with respect. These lessons contributed to his success in the Marines and solidified Keith’s commitment to honor, integrity, and commitment.

    Now, he helps his friends and neighbors solve their legal problems. Whether they become injured in a car accident, hurt in a workplace accident, injured by a defective product or have a business contract dispute, they turn to Keith to identify solutions.

    Together we can get it done.






In His Own Words

  • As much as I’d like my clients to plan ahead, people never get a lawyer when things are going great. Lawyers are typically called after things go sideways. I personally can't image hiring an attorney for serious legal matters based on an advertising campaign. Yet I know that is exactly how many people hire attorneys. The last thing you want to deal with when faced with serious legal problems is interviewing lawyers. The first attorney you speak with is often hired. Sometimes, things work out fine. Other times, not so much.

    When you face serious legal matters, you get to choose who represents you. Take the time and find a lawyer you can trust. I was raised in the Valley Falls section of Cumberland. After graduating from high school, I enlisted in the Marines and graduated boot camp as the “honor man” – essentially the top graduate. After a tour in Okinawa, I was accepted into the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (then known as the Marine Security Guard Battalion) and served tours at United States Embassies and Consulates in Saudi Arabia, Czechoslovakia, and Trinidad and Tobago. I served just over five years on active duty, obtained the rank of sergeant, and received an honorable discharge. My Marine Corps experience changed the trajectory of my life. It set the unwavering standards which still guide my actions.

    After the Marine Corps, I earned a B.S. (summa cum laude) and a M.S. (with distinction) Northeastern University. The Cumberland Police Department then hired me to be the principal researcher on a federal grant-funded research project examining bullying in public schools. The study tracked 1,000 middle school students for 2 ½ years exploring the frequency and reporting of bullying, intimidation and harassment. After the research project, I attended Hofstra University School of Law in New York.

    I was entrusted with the safety and security of others overseas at a remarkably young age. This responsibility instilled in me a level of discipline, accountability and self-reliance that influence all that I do. I attribute my success to it. And I use those same traits to pursue justice for my clients.

    At the end of the day, you decide who you want to cover your back. Give me a call before you chose. Together we can get it done.


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